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Breakfast with Mr. & Mrs. Claus

Every year our subdivision hostess Breakfast with Santa and I feel so blessed that Jack has been able to experience Santa in such a laid back environment.  At the beginning Jack wasn’t so sure about the guy in the red suit but he has grown to adore him like all kids do. So here are a few things that I love about Santa….he smells like fresh baked cookies, he has sparkles in his beard, a key to the North Pole, bells on his boots and when he laughs (HO HO HO) his belly really does jiggle like a bowl full of jelly. I love looking back on Jack’s relationship with Santa and I hope you get a kick out of it too.

2010 – 10 months old

He tried so hard to keep it together buuut he finally broke down. I love how Santa’s mouth is open just like Jack’s in the end image.

2011- 1 year 10 months

This was the year that he didn’t make it up on his lap but he sure loved looking at him;)

2012- 2 years 10 months

Success!!! Up on Santa’s lap and telling him all about the pirate ship he wanted.

Present Day- 3 years 10 months

Since Jack can’t write yet he drew Santa pictures of all the things he wanted. They went over it together and Mrs. Claus is keeping it safe and sound for Mr. Claus to refer back to later.

He was a tad bit shy at first. He couldn’t quite look at him.

Who knows what Jack said to put this look of surprise on his face.  I love this second one, the way Santa is looking at Jack over his glasses:)

I’m not sure if it was nerves or excitement (probably both) but Jack fiddled with his fingers the whole time.

Thank You Santa for another memorable morning!

Jack + Skink

I just have to say we love our Hood and this is one of the many reasons why! While our neighbors across the street Thad and Kathy were doing yard work they found this baby Skink. I’m sure this little guy wasn’t the easiest thing to catch but Thad thought of Jack and snatch him up. It might be just a small jester, but to Jack this is COOL with a capital “C”.


Jack can’t say Skink…..It comes out Stink!

I’m wondering how it’s going to go when we let Stink go back to his Mommy and Daddy?

That is a look of pure joy. Did you notice his crazy “nap” hair.:)

August 10, 2013 - 3:55 pm

jessica - Thank you Thad and Kathy!

Meet Rex {St. Louis Newborn Photographer}

My cousin Ben and his wife Becky welcomed their little man on April 23rd. I know people always say this and who really knows because they change so much, but he truly looks like his daddy.  Congratulation! I know I have some major competition , but if you ever need a sitter look me up. Love you guys!:)

Sometimes it takes awhile for babies to fall asleep. He’s finally on his way.

All snuggled up and warm on this cold rainy day.

I love how Pinterest has made decorating so much easier and fun for me to capture the nursery.:)

Soooo supposably after this pic cousin Ben is cutting his beard. I kinda like it. I think he looks like the guy from the show Gas Monkey Garage. But the vote that really counts is Becky’s.;)

Simple but one of my favorites.

My Studio

This weekend was all about painting. So we decided to make it a family thing. Saturday paint. Run to the store for more paint. While we were out we had dinner at Milagro Modern Mexican and dessert at Cyrano’s. Sunday paint. Run to the paint store, again. Lunch at Sweet Tomato and you’ll never guess what’s next??? Yep more painting.:) Jack had fun helping us and for mommy and daddy the weekend was a bit stressful, but full of smiles and memories. Wish I would have taken my camera with me on our many trips out but here are a few from home.

We had to keep going over and evening out his artwork.;)

For the most part he stayed fairly paint free. I expected it to be way worse. Gosh I love this kid!

I know all you parents know the weekend wouldn’t be complete without a melt down.;)

This picture is out of focus but I LOOOVE it!  Daddy always makes it better.

Done. Done and Done.

Stay tuned because next comes doors, floors and trim. YAY!