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Fab Six :: St. Louis Family Photographer

Susie is a wonderful friend and fellow photographer and a talented one at that.

Knowing how it feels to always be the one behind the camera I decided to focus mainly on her and her littles.;)

that smile.

i love you thiiiiiiiis much!

look at those chunk-a-munk legs:D

Snuggles with momma

i’m in love with this image

those CURLS!!!:)

loved spending time with you and your crew.

Kirkwood :: St. Louis Family Photographer

This family was easy going and super sweet.

No matter how old (or tall) they get they”ll always be mommas boys:)

These two were amazing the whole session. I finally said what do you do when your not in front of the camera.

Haha…thats more like it.:D

loving the natural smiles.

July 10, 2016 - 5:37 pm

Tamella Faye Nicholas - Giving pause through your camera to the beautiful lives of this family is one of life’s true treasured moments for us all. Great work of art