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The most exciting thing going on in February was Jack’s birthday. Every year we choose the theme around whatever he is into at the time. This year was reptiles which I personally am not a fan of but Jack is so I took one for the team. You”ll notice (I mean how could you miss because they are so amazing) the balloon decoration or as I like to call them, sculptures. If you ever want to take your party to the next level hire Sammy J Balloon. He does amazing work!

I really enjoy planning his parties and I’m so thankful my hubby can make all the fancy print outs and invitations.:)

Outback Ed was the highlight of the party…for some that is.;)He brought a slew a “friends” with him.

I even sucked it up!!!!

Exactly how I feel Jack!  My mom is the one with all the BIG bugs eeeeeek!

Outback Ed was great with the kiddos. I highly recommend him. He keeps them engaged not only with the reptiles but also with his silly stories. Oh and he put a big bug in his mouth…double eeek…but the boys loved it! LOL!

The grand finally was this “little guy” Yowza!

Annnd this one says it ALL folks. It’s blurry, I’m a mess, Jack’s face and Joe’s laughing…priceless.:D

Jack’s cake blew us all away. WOW! More than I ever expected. Here is another recommendation Gee Gee Delights. Sweet girl and a true artist! She made every critter with fondant…amazing.

The Birthday Boy!

Next up Valentines Day! Joe cut and taped and Jack colored and pasted. I should of been taking pictures. Missed that but at least I snapped some pics of the final product.

While the boys were working on the box I was tying on these cute tags. Thanks again honey (hubby) for making my idea look so fancy.:)

End of the mouth I did a 2 week clean eating plan. I wasn’t perfect (I had a few cocktails here and there) but I really felt amazing. Hope to make this more of a lifestyle. Here’s to eating veggies and feeling amazing!

Meet the newest member of the family….Sally. She is a Crested Gecko. Again not the biggest fan (I’m a dogs/horses kind of girl) but she is growing on me. Hoping eventually I won’t need Joe to help me hold her. I can’t forget to thank my friend Kristi for the Petco gift card which was for this lovely creature. She thought for sure I would buy dog food instead of Sally. LOL!

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