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Brrrrr….it’s been so cold. They said we were in a polar vortex this past January and the negative temps that came a long with it have been rough.  Here is a picture of our first big snow 10+ inches.

Jack had a blast climbing on the mounds of snow Joe made while shoveling the driveway.

The only way I was going to get the shot of the snow on his eyelashes was to let him eat snow off his gloves. Whatever it takes to get the shot! But all in all 100% him!:)

Our favorite way to warm up.


and the sweetest coco mustache I’ve ever seen.:)

Cheers! My boys and their hat hair.

The only way I sneak into pictures….

The snow stuck around for awhile and we were able to make snow ice cream a couple nights. It actually didn’t taste to bad and Jack got a kick out of it.

Once the snow melted we headed out to my parents house (aka the Farm) and enjoyed some warmer temps. The High 40′s felt like a heat wave and it gave me a chance to play with my new 35mm 1.4 lens and hang out with the other boy in my life Odie.

Family…Friends…Photography…Farm & Horses…is what makes this girl happy!  Oh and maybe shopping….shhhh!

Well the 35 allows me to takes pics of myself…not sure that’s a good thing but it’s one way to get in front of the camera and hey it’s better than shots of my hand lol.

Meet Quiggly and Swagger they play like this all the time. I promise they are not fighting…….

see they love each other.:)

Love that I captured this moment. It warms my heart to see my daddy and hubby like this. Two of the most amazing men I know.:)

So besides these few days in January we spent the rest of our time staying warm inside, hanging with our neighbors and friends, celebrating many birthdays along with getting ready for Jack’s birthday (pictures to come). I also took Jack to see the movie Frozen. Very appropriate title for this time of year and very cute. I highly recommend.

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