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Meet Rex {St. Louis Newborn Photographer}

My cousin Ben and his wife Becky welcomed their little man on April 23rd. I know people always say this and who really knows because they change so much, but he truly looks like his daddy.  Congratulation! I know I have some major competition , but if you ever need a sitter look me up. Love you guys!:)

Sometimes it takes awhile for babies to fall asleep. He’s finally on his way.

All snuggled up and warm on this cold rainy day.

I love how Pinterest has made decorating so much easier and fun for me to capture the nursery.:)

Soooo supposably after this pic cousin Ben is cutting his beard. I kinda like it. I think he looks like the guy from the show Gas Monkey Garage. But the vote that really counts is Becky’s.;)

Simple but one of my favorites.