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This weekend was all about painting. So we decided to make it a family thing. Saturday paint. Run to the store for more paint. While we were out we had dinner at Milagro Modern Mexican and dessert at Cyrano’s. Sunday paint. Run to the paint store, again. Lunch at Sweet Tomato and you’ll never guess what’s next??? Yep more painting.:)¬†Jack had fun helping us and for mommy and daddy the weekend was a bit stressful, but full of smiles and memories. Wish I would have taken my camera with me on our many trips out but here are a few from home.

We had to keep going over and evening out his artwork.;)

For the most part he stayed fairly paint free. I expected it to be way worse. Gosh I love this kid!

I know all you parents know the weekend wouldn’t be complete without a melt down.;)

This picture is out of focus but I LOOOVE it!  Daddy always makes it better.

Done. Done and Done.

Stay tuned because next comes doors, floors and trim. YAY!

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