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Camper Christmas

I’m so thankful that we made time for this. I think it’s important to slow down especially during the holidays. Not to mention some much needed family time was in order. The image below was a small miracle. I set my camera up on the back of the polaris and some how all of us including Jane are actually looking at the camera.

First thing first…find a tree. Jack happily chauffeured us around.

Success! Our very own Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

Jack gets all the credit for finding it.

Next up decorate. We made all of our ornaments by cutting out snowflakes and hot glueing some sticks together, and voila.

This year we lost both our doggies. Though Max doesn’t take their place we couldn’t ask for a better addition to our family.

Santa was a surprise. The kids got a kick out of him. Thanks Mike for making this happen.:)

We had a couple presents for the kids, all camper themed. Not shown is the camper paper it was wrapped in.

We woke up to SNOW! Side story we left our awning out and that morning the weight of the snow was making it hang down so low that we couldn’t get the door open. Oops. Some how Joe managed to get out and fix the problem.

It was the perfect snow for building snowman and having a snowball fight!

Don’t eat the yellow snow Jane!

To check out the pictures we took on our phones go to my Instagram.

When we weren’t outside or crafting you could find us chilling watching Christmas movies.

That smile is everything.

Any craft with paint is always a big hit!

Hot chocolate | Movies | Popcorn

This quick overnight stay will always be remembered. Mainly because it was just good ol’ quality time but also because we’ll have these images to bring us back. Parents get in that frame with your kids. I promise 10-20 years from now you’ll be glad you did. If any of you are interested in capturing your family traditions on give me a holler.

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